SAN ANGELO, Texas — A clash of two titans over in Christoval, the Lady Cougars hosting the Lady Eagles from Eldorado, ready to battle it out in district 7-2A.

Sienna Gonzalez looking for some help, she’ll find Jordyn Walker down low, who’ll put it up and in for the Cougs.

Walker won’t stop there, a free ball, she’ll get it but will miss. Braylee Silvia gets the putback for the Lady Cougars.

Eldorado gets a fast break, Robbi Martinez, to Logan Prater, and that layup is good.

The Lady Cougars need some points, there’s Madyson George in the corner for three.

Christoval takes this one 47-39 over the Lady Eagles, still fighting for that top spot in the district.