SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Lady Cats took on Del Rio in their second match-up of the day in the Nita Vannoy Tournament.

Going into set one, Del Rio tried for the tip but it was met with a diving Laynee Hill to keep the ball alive. Brisa Baldera set it over to Emilee Sikora who was ready for the spike down to the back row.

Later on, in set one, Del Rio would try again, this time for the spike, but it’s again met with Lady Cat’s fingertips to soften the pass for Sikora in the back row. Journi Jones would get the pass to send it over to Sydney Crooks for the arm and hammer.

Emilee Sikora was on fire for the Lady Cats, ready for anything in that back row with the pass to Jones who set it up and got low for Gigi Mackie to put the game to bed.

The Lady Cats keep it going in the Nita Vannoy Tournament with win number two on the day over the Del Rio Rams.