SAN ANGELO, TX — As we begin week three of the Texas high school football season, we find just four undefeated Concho Valley teams.

One of those is the Miles Bulldogs who pitched a second-half shutout en route to a comeback victory over Sterling City this past Friday night.

“We come out here every day and work our butts off. It’s just been great to be around and everything. We just have to keep rowing the boat and just keep pushing forward in what we are doing,” said junior quarterback Hayven Book.

The Bulldogs credit the work they did during the offseason, which is paying dividends on Friday nights and a big reason they are still unbeaten to start the season.

“These boys have bought into that idea and we have guys that do that, that’s where it all starts. When the weight room is something we have been stressing and these guys have bought into it and they love going there now,” said head coach Jayson Wilhelm.

Miles will look to stay unbeaten this Friday night when they host Water Valley.