Yarn Junkies customers and friends unite to help those in need

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Scarves available to homeless and less fortunate throughout San Angelo

SAN ANGELO, TX – Members of a San Angelo knitting group are quietly getting handmade scarves to people who need them to stay warm for the second year in a row. As an added touch, they have a unique way of doing it. They’re in a knitting group organized by “Yarn Junkies,” the yarn and knitting supply store on South Chadbourne near the municipal swimming pool.

“[The group] make[s] them extra thick for the cold weather and then one night they pick and they drape and dress all the sheep [statues],” explained Yarn Junkies co-owner Elizabeth Phillips. “And [we] hope that someone who really needs a scarf happens upon it and makes it their own.”

This year the team knitted close to 50 thick scarves, and put them around the necks of some of the fiberglass sheep in front of groups and businesses across San Angelo. The scarves have big tags on them that proclaim “if you need it, take it,” for anyone who needs them this winter.

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