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Residents primarily responsible, but others do fill maintenance roles

SAN ANGELO, TX – By and large city regulations stipulating who is responsible for the city’s residential alleys has not changed much since the sixties. However, some San Angelo area residents may still be wondering who is responsible for some aspects of alleyway maintenance. The answer is a bit a mixed bag, but in terms of aesthetic upkeep, it is the residents.

“Responsibility for maintenance of the alley as far as brush, debris, weed, [etc] maintenance like that is the responsibility of the homeowner or lot the owner,” explains Shane Kelton, Director of Operations for the City of San Angelo.

From the edge of the property to the middle of the alley, is the owners domain. Beyond that, for road upkeep and fixes, that is the city’s responsibility. “When it comes to maintenance of the alley as far as potholes, or drivability, conditions like that then that is the responsibility of the city,” said Kelton. “We have a crew that we’ll send in and will either fill in potholes or regrade or reshape alleys as we need to for water drainage and any issues like that.”

Remember that while loading or unloading a vehicle is ok, it is not legal to park in an alleyway. For trash collection, if the majority of driveways are off the alley then that is where collection will occur. Otherwise, trash collection will be at the front of the property. Also , a minimum of eleven feet has to be clear as an easement for the passage of private utility and city vehicles.

“If it’s electric or gas,” Kelton Continued, “either one you need to be sure that the alleys are kept clean, neat, mowed [and] that way those utility providers can get to whatever it is. Whether it’s the meter or the power lines or cable lines to make sure that service is not interrupted.”

For more information you can visit the city webpage regarding municipal codes, ordinances, and regulations.

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