What can businesses do during the Coronavirus outbreak?

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San Angelo, TX — Businesses across the Concho Valley are already feeling the negative effects of the Coronavirus outbreak. From revenue lost due to fewer customers, to the need to send staff home, many small businesses are looking for relief in the face of trying times.

Del Velasquez, Executive Director of Downtown San Angelo, Inc., had this advice for businesses facing difficult decisions.

“Utilize online as much as possible do social media to get your work out, as far as your products and your services. We’ve really encouraged, especially the retail end, you can create either gift certificates or gift cards.”

Velasquez also had specific advice for restaurants looking for a way to make up for smaller profit margins.

“Start maybe looking at delivery service and start now because if we ever get to the point, hopefully not, that we’re going to be mandated by the state to shut down all of our restaurants and bars then they need to be prepared to take steps to continue a source of revenue.”

For businesses who need additional funding, Velasquez suggested visiting the Small Business Development Center.

“The Small Business Development Center, which is located in downtown, there is a website where you can look at coronavirus disaster loans. So the Small Business Administration, I would encourage all of our business owners to go to that website and start looking at what the end results are as far as applying for the loans and, you know, what are the conditions of those loans.”

“We’re all in the same mix as everybody else in the country and around the state of Texas,” said Veelasquez, “We’re learning as much as we can from other cities, and what they’re doing and what steps they can take to pull in some revenue.”

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