Voting resumes after closures due to weather concerns

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Drive through voting remains closed until Thursday

SAN ANGELO, Texas – There was some confusion early Tuesday, October 27 as the early voting location at the Keyes building downtown was closed. CVHP had previously reported that the drive through voting location at the county jail would be closed until Wednesday due to weather and health concerns. That reopening has been pushed back to Thursday, October 29.

Tuesday the county website listed the voting offices closed due to weather concerns, and state party repesentatives stated that they were working with several counties across Texas who had closed polling locations for the same reasons. The elections code stipulates requirements for voting locations and hours of operation, but has no caveats for closures.

Early Tuesday afternoon county staff reported that the polls would reopen at 1:30p.m. Elections staff stated that they had spoken to an attorney with office of the Texas Secretary of State, who confirmed they were within their rights to close the polling location over safety concerns. Once roads began to clear, elections staff made the decision to reopen the voting center in the Keyes building.

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