The Tom Green County Library System will put phase three of their reopening plan on hold until further notice

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The library system capacity will maintain at 25% until further instruction

SAN ANGELO, TX – Within the past two weeks, San Angelo has experienced a major surge in coronavirus cases. The Tom Green County Library System reopened on June 1st with new challenges ahead.

“We all knew that the COVID virus wasn’t going to just go away as much as we could hope that it was,” TGC community relations coordinator Amy Dennis said. “It was just a matter of time before inflation numbers actually started rising like we’re seeing now. And we built our reopening plan with that kind of inevitable increase in mind.”

Although the library system has ongoing obstacles at hand, Dennis says they’re making progress.

“Right now, we’re pretty comfortable with our current offerings, given the circumstances,” Dennis said. “We have people in the building, we have guests, we have all of our staff on hand. We’re almost at full hours, and we’re working at a diminished capacity, but we’re still here.”

With several guidelines in place, the library system is making sure patrons are as safe as possible. Restrictions vary depending on their ages.

“We’re not demanding that masks be worn, but we are asking the patrons to wear them, we’re the library,” Dennis said. “We’re not trying to deny anyone their freedoms or curtail their rights, we’re simply trying to curb infection spread in our community and work spaces. We ask that our guests help us do the same thing.”

Dennis says all patrons had no issues following guidelines so far. The library system plans to proceed with their current objectives.

“We haven’t had any kind of major problems with any patrons,” Dennis said. “Like any kind of confrontational issues that need to be addressed, or anything like that, just keep an eye out on our social media, on the news, and on our website for more information.”

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