The Tom Green County Library System receives a $50,000 CARES grant distributed through the TSLAC organization

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The summer reading program ends on August 12th

SAN ANGELO, TX – As we approach August, the Tom Green County Library System is gearing up for the 2020-2021 school year. After becoming a recipient of a $50,000 CARES grant, the system has big plans this fall.

“So this grant is part of a response to the economic and health related percussion that we’ve seen related to the pandemic,” Tom Green County Library community relations coordinator Amy Dennis said. “And this grant is going to help us support increased digital access and literacy locally, as well as the continued creation of protective gear.”

With this grant, the library system will be able to distribute it into many activities. The system also plans to increase the efficiency within their virtual projects.

“We will be increasing our internet numbers,” Dennis said. “We’re calling them stations right now, and direct access to Concho Valley families. What’s really cool about that is that we’ll be able to spread the wealth a little bit to our surrounding smaller cities.”

The upcoming school year allowed the library system to provide more resources for kids, teenagers and college students.

“This one in particular is for online education resources,” Dennis said. “On one side we have accredited online school. So if families aren’t going to use the local school system or don’t want to put them in a classroom just yet, they’ll be able to look at some of the many resources that Texas offers.”

There’s still enough time left for students to complete their summer learning programs before the start of the new school year. Once this is done, the system will transition into fall training programs.

“Our summer reading program is still going on, and going strong,” Dennis said. “We have until August 12th to wrap that up so August 15th is most likely when we’ll be handing out prizes and this year they’re super cool.”

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