The San Angelo YMCA will continuously update their guidelines due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases

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All staff members and visitors are required to wear masks once entering the building

SAN ANGELO, TX – The COVID-19 pandemic has evolved and escalated at an alarming rate in Tom Green County. The San Angelo YMCA made progress since reopening on May 19th, but the recent rise in coronavirus cases has brought them a real challenge. 

“Everyone’s a little bit more worried now obviously and for valid reasons,” San Angelo YMCA associate executive director Angel Flores said. “So nothing has changed as far as the programming that we’ve offered everything is still the same. For now, we’re requiring our members to do the things that the officials are requiring us to do.”

There are growing concerns between staff and gym members about the overall operation of the YMCA. Safety is the most important objective for everyone who enters the building.

“I think with the recent surge in cases, it’s hitting a little closer to home now,” Flores said. “Somebody is affected somewhere, whether it’s themselves or someone close to them that has been affected by COVID-19.”

Before entering the building, temperatures are checked followed by a series of questions. The cleaning staff constantly sanitizes everything throughout the day.

“We are requiring everyone to wear a mask once entering our facility just like everyone else,” Flores said. “Those that are going to exercise also have to wear gloves. We tailored our traffic patterns so you only enter one way and you come out another way.”

The Concho Valley is currently entering uncharted territory and staff members feel the need to promote self care towards every employee and visitor.

“I want the community to know that I know it’s a scary time right now,” Flores said. “But rest assured that the YMCA is doing everything to keep our people safe and not to be afraid to come in. As you come in, you’ll see masks everywhere and you’ll see people cleaning.”

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