The San Angelo N.A.A.C.P’s future plans after recent protests

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The rally will be this Saturday at 3:45 pm at 1100 Martin Luther King Drive

SAN ANGELO, TX – A peaceful protest honoring George Floyd was held in the Concho Valley this past Sunday. The San Angelo N.A.A.C.P reflects on this event as a spark in something special.

“I think a lot of people were intrigued that we had something like that here in San Angelo,” San Angelo N.A.A.C.P President Sherley Spears said. “It didn’t consist of a large group of people, but it was a start. I think that’s what’s important is that you get started with trying to deal with an issue.”

The organization will host an event this weekend titled “We’re Done Dying” in response to the recent incidents including George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and several others.

“We’re actually marketing it as a rally, which sends a different message than protests,” Spears said. “We’ve been around since 1909. We just have to be careful with whatever it is that we’re protesting as opposed to trying to bring attention to a particular subject, or topic or issue.”

Moving forward, recognizing these incidents will push the N.A.A.C.P and general Americans to find a better solution to racial equality.

“We certainly recognize the horror that just recently happened with George Floyd and he has roots here in Texas,” Spears said. “He was from here, but we want to bring attention to some points that the N.A.A.C.P feels important to help us move beyond these repeated systemic acts of racism.”

Spears says there will be more strategies in making a better path for the San Angelo community.

“We’re encouraging us to really set up the strategy in the community for going beyond this incident that has just recently happened and look at the global picture here in San Angelo,” Spears said. “We’ll also look at ways that we can help improve the situation here in San Angelo.”

The rally will be this Saturday at 3:45 pm at 1100 Martin Luther King Drive.

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