The Concho Valley Farmers Market will host their annual Melon Fest this Saturday

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The Melon Fest will begin this Saturday at 7 a.m. and will run until noon

SAN ANGELO, TX – From cantaloupes and watermelons to door prizes, this year’s Melon Fest is filled with excitement. Held at the Concho Valley Farmers Market, visitors will have plenty of items to choose from.

“We’re having red, orange, yellow seeded and seedless,” Concho Valley Farmers Market president market manager Margie Jackson said. “We got regular cantaloupe and we got these ready cantaloupes out here. We’re going to have door prizes about every four or five minutes and the door prizes are going to be the melons and our produce. We’re going to have a normal produce out here and we’re going to have music.”

Although this year’s event may be different due to coronavirus concerns, staff members and vendors are making sure everything is safe.

“With the coronavirus, of course this year has been a totally different year with everybody coming out and being leery of it, but we still had a pretty good market,” Jackson said. We’re here three days a week which includes Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Tuesday and Thursday, we’re not quite as busy as we are on Saturdays.”

Staff members are expecting a crowd in the hundreds this weekend. Jackson says everyone will wear masks and practice social distancing. items will also be separated at a further distance.

“This year we’re hoping we’re gonna have hundreds,” Jackson said. “Well, overall, from the morning to we’re here till around lunchtime, and we’re expecting hundreds of people to come out, which they do and they come out steady all morning. We’re never really overly crowded out here.”

Vendors are hoping their items will last until the early fall months. Jackson says the heat could be a factor in shortening or expanding that time frame depending on the item.

“Overall, we’ll still have the same stuff down here at the market,” Jackson said. “The only thing we don’t have right now is corn, because that June corn and the heat just got us on the corn. But overall everything else is planning wise, it’s going to be straight through until the first freeze.”

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