San Angelo clear to use Lake Nasworthy Trust funds for projects

Local News

Fishing and sewage infrastructure expansion

SAN ANGELO, TX – San Angelo city council approved a resolution on Monday, November 18 canvassing returns and declaring results from the November 5 special election. With the results officially accepted, the city can now move ahead with the projects dependent on the passing of Proposition A.

Proposition A saw nearly 6,000 votes in favor, and less than 2,000 against. The issue involves using the Lake Nasworthy Trust funds for numerous projects. “With this process we’re going to have two cased pipes going across Lake Nasworthy,” explained Harry Thomas, San Angelo city councilman for District 3. “[That] will eliminate the uncased pipe. The uncased pipe at some point in time in the future may have had the opportunity to fail.”

In addition to expanded sewer capacity which will allow for further development at the airport and on the South side of the lake, the funds being made available will allow for quality of life projects including fishing infrastructure and beach additions.

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