San Angelo city council votes in favor of closing section of Avenue D through Fort Concho

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Numerous residents and Fort Concho Elementary parents speak out

SAN ANGELO, TX – San Angelo city council members are considering a request to close public access to the part of Avenue D that runs through Fort Concho.

That section of Avenue D runs between the Fort Concho parade grounds and the officers row on the South side of the historic fort. During a first reading council members voted five to two in favor of closing that section of Avenue D. Several nearby residents, as well as parents of Fort Concho Elementary students told council members they oppose the proposal during a public hearing. Most of their concerns were about emergency access and traffic flow.

“The primary benefits are,” explained Jon James, director of planning and development for the city of San Angelo, “right now the fort property is split by that road and so some of the fort buildings are on one side and then other fort buildings are on the other side. So by abandoning that road it allows more of the unified property without a public road splitting it.”

This statement highlights the city’s view that closing the road settle several public safety and event logistics challenges. A second reading of the proposal is scheduled for the October city council meeting.

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