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Concho Valley Paws teams up with 10 local apartments to reduce and wave rescue pet fees

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Even though there have been many recent opportunities to save money on adopting a pet, apartment pet deposits and fees are still what stops many in our community from rescuing.

This inspired Concho Valley Paws to act. Since January of 2019, they’ve teamed up with 10 local apartments to create the ‘rescue friendly apartments’ program, where fees are reduced and sometimes even waved. Here’s the list:

  • The Annex Apartments
  • Arroyo Square Apartments
  • The Boulevard
  • The Boulevard II Apartments
  • The Brixton
  • Cielo Vista
  • College Hills West
  • Plaza Square Apartments
  • Sedona Ranch Apartments
  • Sunset Apartments

“We’ve seen a huge change in our community, just in the past 5 years. It’s becoming a more rescue friendly community. I think the work that we’re doing here at the shelter is leading that cause. I’m very hopeful that we’ll see a lot of apartments and apartment managers jump on board,” explained Jenie Wilson, who is the Executive Director of Concho Valley Paws.

They’re hoping to expand this program to individual landlords as well, since some owners are forced to surrender their pet when they move.

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