Railway Museum of San Angelo launches apparel fundraiser

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Shirts being sold to make up for drop in attendance

SAN ANGELO, Texas – “Keep our History Alive,” that’s the goal of a new fundraising effort by the Railway Museum of San Angelo. The sales goal is 50 shirts, and they come in a variety of colors. The sale stops August 23, and orders are expected to reach patrons by early September.

In an interview with Concho Valley Homepage, museum Communications Manager Monica Ramos spoke at length saying, “The Railway Museum of San Angelo has been impacted by the unforeseen circumstances. We have seen a drop in our admissions so our Development Director Susana Valenzuela came up with the idea to sell official ‘#SanAngeloki‘ t-shirts. To be a SanAngeloki means that you support the museum and you care about our history. So we’ve offered these t-shirts, they’re crew neck t-shirts, very comfortable. We’ve seen a drop in admissions as far as we were having about 30 to 40 people attend on a Saturday, it’s dropped to about 10 people so we really want to let everyone know that we are open on Saturdays from 10 to four. The Railway Museum is a very large open space so there’s really no need to worry about large gatherings. It’s a very safe opportunity to have a self guided tour. Look through our train models, our photo galleries and see what else that we have here in this large space.”

To buy your t-shirt visit bonfire.com/keep-our-history-alive. This in turn will enable the longstanding museum to chug forward. From art and music events, to the annual Christmas tradition, the museum depends on its community.

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