Quarantine and isolation release form available on San Angelo city website

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Will help Health Services process requests more efficiently

SAN ANGELO, Texas – The city of San Angelo has a new form available on their health services webpage aimed at speeding up processing of requests to leave isolation or quarantine. For those who’ve tested positive and are seeking to come out of isolation or quarantine, and with the county counting cases, filling out the form is an important step. A step, which aims to help health officials process cases more efficiently.

“The release form was actually an idea from our local health authority,” explained Brian Groves, Public Information Officer for the city of San Angelo. “Our health department is backed up right now and releasing people from quarantine or isolation due to the increase in positive cases that we’ve gotten. We have around 479 active cases right now and so that’s a lot of phone calls that they have to make during the day. So because of that and because of the cases they’re getting every day, people have been delayed from releasing the quarantine. Dr. Vretis came to me and said, ‘hey can we create a form that might speed up this process and get people back to their jobs or to their families or things like that quicker.'”

Filling out the automated form is not an automatic approval to exit quarantine or isolation, pending review by health services personnel. Individuals submitting the form must attest to being symptom free for at least 72 hours. For more information, including the differences between diagnostic and antibody coronavirus tests, visit the San Angelo city website.

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