“Porch pirates” on the hunt for holiday deliveries

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Keeping home surveillance systems can be key to capturing a culprit if your packages are stolen

SAN ANGELO, Texas — San Angelo police have received several reports of packages stolen by “Porch Pirates” this holiday season. Smart doorbells can help, along with surveillance cameras.

“We want our community members to be hyper-vigilant,” said Tracy Piatt-Fox, Public Information Officer for the San Angelo Police Department.

According to the San Angelo Police Department, this time of year “porch pirates” are on the hunt for holiday deliveries.

One of the best things you can do to keep your packages safe is to keep track of them.

“You’re gonna get a text notification or email letting you know when it’s shipped, in transit and when it arrives. If you know you can’t be home, talk to a friend, neighbor or family member that can take custody of the package until they can get it to you so it’s safe,” explained Piatt-Fox.

Another great option is to have your packages delivered somewhere other than your home, such as your place of work.

“Get with your employer. Maybe your employer will allow you, just during the holiday season, to receive those packages at work,” suggested Piatt-Fox.

Keeping home surveillance systems can be key to capturing a culprit if your packages are stolen.

Devices such as smart doorbells can gather footage that can help authorities identify anyone who’s been snagging holiday deliveries.

“Locally and across the country we’ve had great success with the home surveillance cameras — especially the “Ring” doorbells. We’ve had great success in identifying ‘porch pirates’ in those cases and getting property returned,” added Piatt-Fox.

Officer Piatt-Fox also stressed the importance of keeping the items you purchase this time of year out of sight. She said displaying your Christmas tree and gifts through a window in your home is probably not the best option.

“Burglars are doing their Christmas shopping. You’re telling the thieves that’s where you can get a lot of great items,” explained Piatt-Fox.

She also said, if you are getting rid of boxes large electronics came in — break them down and bag them before throwing them out.

If you find yourself a victim of theft, contact authorities immediately.

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