Our Water: TWDB seeking nominations for state’s first regional flood planning groups


Apply on Texas Water Development Board website

SAN ANGELO, Texas – The state of Texas is beginning its first ever regional flood planning process following new legislation. The new regional flood planning process will help protect Texans from floods, which claim lives and cost untold millions in property damage. Now, the Texas Water Development Board is getting the ball rolling on the massive project.

“This is fairly new, there are well there has been a lot of flood technology, reduction technology related work all over the all over the world,” explained Reem Zoun, Director of the Flood Planning Division for TWDB. “The Netherlands has amazing flood risk reduction technology, but what we’re doing for a statewide flood planning with the scale of what we’re trying to do in Texas is fairly new.”

This first ever regional flood planning process, will depend on local participation and leadership. The TWDB is looking to fill hundreds of spots, but so far they have had an underwhelming number of applications. “Local leadership is instrumental in making the state flood plan work,” said TWDB Chairman Peter Lake. “Every part of Texas is different, has unique flood challenges, unique terrain unique, weather patterns. So we really can’t do this without local leadership.” Zoun echoed the sentiment, saying “we want people in the community to come together and bring forward a flood plan that will identify the risk in their community. That will identify where there is lack of assessment of risks.”

To apply, fill out a nomination form available on the Texas Water Development Board website.

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