OUR WATER: sanitary sewer overflow initiative aims to improve city systems

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TCEQ program gives city chance to fix potential issues

SAN ANGELO, TX – Many will recall in the midst of the last rainy season that San Angelo experienced a sewage overflow.​ Now, the city has entered into a program that will help discourage future incidents.​

​”The Sanitary Sewer Overflow Initiative is a voluntary program through the TCEQ that the city is requesting to be a part of,” said San Angelo Water Utility Director Allison Strube. “The TCEQ has approved us to be a part of that program but what we have to do to fully enroll in that program is submit an SSO plan.”​

The Texas Commision on Environmental Quality typically penalizes municipalities for serious overflow incidents.​ San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter says having a plan is crucial in moving forward.​ “Number one we want to to make sure that if we do have going forward,” Gunter explained, “a big rain event like we did before where we just couldn’t process enough water; that’s an important part of addressing that issue so that we always have good water and we don’t have to worry about the water. So, putting together a plan is step one.”​

System upgrades for the San Angelo water utility system are already slated, largely due to upcoming projects.​ Director Strube is optimistic about the impact of the SSO program saying, “​by being a part of the SSO initiative, that allows us to focus our resources on corrective action and preventative maintenance, rather than paying penalties to TCEQ.”​

Though the city has four years to present their plan to the TCEQ, the imminent Texas rainy season has them hoping to have the issue well im hand much sooner.​

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