OUR WATER: San Angelo voters support Lake Nasworthy improvements

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Sewer project chief among upcoming projects

SAN ANGELO – San Angelo voted and several changes are coming to Lake Nasworthy. The topic had been discussed at previous city council meetings prior to being presented for voting.

“So at this recent election, there was a proposition on the ballot that was put out for voters to see if they wanted to use a portion of the Lake Nasworthy trust fund for quality of life projects,” explained Allison Strube, water utility director for San Angelo. “About $10,000,000 to go towards the sewer project. The desire with this project is to bring a trunk main out to the Lake Nasworthy area to provide additional capacity and to enhance the sewer system. This proposition was supported by the Chamber of Commerce and I think that the voter turnout was overwhelmingly supportive of this proposition as well.”

Overwhelmingly to the tune of nearly 80%, with only about 20% against. “Now that the voters have approved this proposition,” Strube elaborated, “some of the next steps will be designing these projects; at least with the sewer line project. This is a master project, and we will begin design as soon as possible.”

In addition to the sewer system relief and capacity project, several important quality improvement projects are also slated. These include boat ramps, boat docks and fishing peers. No word was given on approximate timeline, as there are several rounds of approval before plans are presented again to city council.

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