Our Water: golden algae bloom in Spence causes minor concern


Fish kill could impact fishing and upcoming trout stock

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Over the past few months a noticeable golden algae bloom has struck E.V. Spence Reservoir, causing a minor fish kill. This may in turn impact those wishing to fish or otherwise enjoy E.V. Spence. While the recent fish kill and algae bloom may be minor, Texas Parks and Wildlife staff are closely monitoring the situation, hoping for warmer weather.

“Once Spring gets here and the bloom is over, myself being the fisheries biologist, I’ll be out there and will sample the lake,” explained Lynn Wright, the district fisheries biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife. ” We’ll sample the fish populations to see what effects that golden algae bloom had on it. How many fish we lost, and based on those findings, it’ll give me an indication whether we need to stock more fish to kind of make up for any losses.”

The golden algae typically impacts all gill-breathing animals, which is why at current levels only smaller bait fish have been impacted. With golden algae being a concern during colder weather, during the summer months, blue-green algae becomes an issue.

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