New Year’s resolutions and the ongoing pandemic

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Gym memberships see bump despite concerns

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Local gyms are seeing the annual wave of fitness enthusiasts working on their New Year’s resolutions, despite the ongoing pandemic. That wave is smaller though in the face of continuing concerns over health and safety, as well as capacity constraints.

“Since the new year has started, we have actually seen kind of our normal January rush but just tempered down a little bit,” explained Shannon Health Club Operations Manager Laura Moore. “I’d say we’re probably you know 20% off of what we normally would see in January. But, we are definitely seeing seeing more people in the gym.”

Beyond those going to a brick and mortar gym, many are utilizing online resources like Youtube and virtual training. While feeling the need to train in person, gym goers realize the dangers of covid, but won’t give up on a resolution to stay in shape. “I had a lot of people sign up because, of course, everybody was a little freaked out about getting sick,” said Kaie Brockman, a holistic lifestyle trainer. “There were a lot of people who caught on really quickly that, ‘oh I need to change some lifestyle factors if I don’t want to catch this thing,’ and they’re not wrong.”

One study said roughly 80% of New Year’s resolutions fall through, whether from boredom or burnout. But trainers and gym owners alike agree, it’s vital both to your goals and to your overall health, that you stay committed. Those worried about being around too many people and increasing their exposure risk, might consider a smaller workout space like The Bar Athletic Club.

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