New Texas law will allow guns in churches

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Understanding the new Texas law pertaining to firearms in places of worship

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Nine new gun laws will be enforced in the Lone Star State on September 1, 2019. All of which, loosen gun restrictions.

“They’re all very pro-second amendment, they’re all very beneficial,” claimed Jessica Goodman who is the co-owner of G Squared Guns.

“You’ve got the competing interests between your second amendment rights and your property rights,” said Chris Taylor, who is the Tom Green County Attorney.

Currently, any places of worship do not allow Texans to carry a firearm, but that’s about to change with a new gun law.

“Senate Bill 535 will allow an L.T.C. holders to carry guns in church, synagogues or any place of worship. Considering that they [the places of worship] do not post the 30.6 or the 30.7 signs,” explained Goodman.

These signs prohibit open carry and concealed carry licensed holders from bringing their guns to church. Meaning, religious leaders still have the option to choose whether or not, to allow guns on the premises.

“God is depending on me that we take the appropriate action, so that people will be safe in the house of the Lord. I don’t want to see the average Joe on the street with a gun and because they have a conceal permit, to walk into a church,” elaborated Apostle Gary Jenkins, who is the Pastor of a San Angelo church.

The new legislation also lessens the penalty of breaking the law, from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class C misdemeanor and a new leniency has been added. 

“Now it’s a Class C misdemeanor but if you’re asked to leave there is no offense, as long as you promptly leave,” stated Taylor.  

There are other new gun laws that have gotten the attention of many. For example, landlords can no longer prohibit tenants from carrying firearms in their unit or restrict it on a lease agreement. The number of armed school marshals allowed has been increased. Some foster homes can now store firearms and ammunition, but only if the guns are stored and locked together.  Also, if there is a state of emergency in Texas, gun owners without a license can carry their firearms for up to one week.

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