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The Department of Public Safety wants to remind our community of some motorcycle safety tips

SAN ANGELO, Texas – With the cooler weather approaching, we’re about to see an increase of motorcycles on the roads. The Department of Public Safety wants to remind you of some safety tips, when you’re riding a motorcycle or when you’re driving near one.

Grass cuttings on the roads are hazardous for motorcycle riders, they are equivalent to ice on the road for cars. Also, when it’s hotter weather it creates a slipperier surface for motorcycles, and it takes longer for them to break. Not all bikes are the same, getting to know the individual bike your riding is very important for safety reasons. Don’t forget about proper arm signals, if your bike doesn’t have turn signal lights.

Perception and time are distorted when driving next to a motorcycle, as they look further away than they actually are. So, it’s best to make sure they’re far enough away to safely switch lanes when being in front of them. Motorcycles break a lot faster than cars do, so it’s important for drivers to stay at a good distance behind them. Since motorcycles are smaller, they’re also a lot easier to miss. So, it’s recommended to double check your blind spots before changing lanes.

“It’s not one of those things where, it’s only during the month of May when we’re going to have motorcycle safety. No, it’s year ‘round. Motorcycle riders and the other drivers on the roadway need to be alert and paying attention in understanding the laws of operating or sharing the roadway,” said Sgt. Justin Baker, who is the Media Communications Sergeant of the Department of Public Safety.

Sgt. Baker went on to saying that being alert, following the law, being sober and not distracted is a key to staying safe at all times.

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