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A local ministry that travels every month to Acuña, Mexico to give a helping hand to children and families in need

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Imagine having to choose between food for the entire family for one whole week, or a backpack for one child? That is level of poverty that many in Acuña, Mexico struggle with every day. However, one local ministry is making a difference.

“We saw the need three years ago and the importance of this. It’s a desire that God put in our hearts to serve and bless people,” said Jose Verastegui, who co-founded Mexico Missions.

Mexico Missions is partnered with 10 local churches in the Concho Valley and two in Acuña, Mexico. They handout donations to children in need.

“We realize that there is a need here too, in the states, in San Angelo. But even last week, how many back-to-school drives and backpack giveaways were there here in San Angelo? When we went to Mexico, we were the only ones,” explained Olga Versategui, who also co-founded Mexico Missions.

The ministry is made up of 30 volunteers from different local churches, who travel to Acuña once month to help families, orphanages and children’s shelters. This season, they just supplied over 300 kids with backpacks full of school supplies.

“According to the prices of the backpacks and school supplies, across the border is extremely high,” stated Jose Versategui.

“The exchange rate is 17.00 to 18.00 pesos to $1.00 dollar. Now, a Mexican citizen is paid $5.00 dollars a day. So, when you consider buying a backpack that’s going to cost $25.00 dollars, that’s a weeks pay just for one backpack without any supplies,” elaborated Olga Versategui.

“We met with one prostitute last month, who had five kids and she was working to support her children and that’s not uncommon in that area,” claimed Jaz James, who is the founder of Lace Ministries.  

Mexico Missions is planning on providing toys, groceries and dinner during the Christmas season in Acuña, Mexico. You can drop off donations inside their boxes at any of these locations listed:

-Grape Creek Family Fellowship

-San Angelo First Assembly of God Church

-Christian Fellowship Baptist Church

-New Jerusalem Christian Church

-Cross Road Assembly of God

-Kingdom Streams Ministries

-Agape Assembly of God

-Lake View Bible Church

-Coffee 101

-The Journey Bible Church

-Angelo Bible Church

-Calvary Temple Assembly of God

Also, if you would like to volunteer, call this number: (325) 277-2638.

“You will never be poorer by giving stuff away. In fact, you will be enriched in so many ways. Not just financially, but you will be enriched at a person,” expressed Walter Griggs, who is a Pastor at Grape Creek Family Fellowship Church.

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