Mathis Field Airport runway project completed

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It was listed as an $800,000 project and 5 percent funded through local passenger facility charges

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Mathis Field’s main runway, also known as runway 18-36 completed a facelift in October. The runway was closed for two weeks while crew members seal coated it. Runway 18-36 is the longest runway Mathis Field has to offer, and its path overflies Lake Nasworthy.

“The scope of the work was some GSB 88 sealcoat that was placed over the top of the runway which helps rejuvenate the runway and increase the longevity of it,” Mathis Field Airport director Jeremy Valgardson said. “We also removed the rubber that gets deposited on the runway from landing aircraft and we went and put brand new paint down.”

Valgardson says this project is beneficial for all users from corporate aviation, to general aviation and commercial aviation. Mathis Field has a high standard from the FAA on how they need to maintain and keep its runway. The airport used federal dollars and this was 95 percent funded by the federal government. It was listed as an $800,000 project and 5 percent funded through local passenger facility charges.

“It’s about a five year fix so we’ll get another five years out of this runway,” Valgardson stated. “After these five years we’ll take a look at it and figure out the best option for the next rehab project if that’s an overlay, or if we need to do another sealcoat project.”

Valgardson says prioritizing projects at the runway is the most essential portion of their airport. This project worked well with the FAA’s funding and also prepared them for future issues.

“The biggest issue is really friction with the rubber buildup on the runway,” Valgardson expressed. “By getting that rubber off and the GSB 88 has some coarse sand in it, so it helps with the friction of the aircraft. When we get our rare snow event or when we get ice on the runway, that material is supposed to help the aircraft stop.”

For more information, visit the San Angelo Regional Airport website.

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