Mark Whitaker announces bid for Constable of Precinct Three

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Deputy Constable makes announcement on the Tom Green County courthouse steps

SAN ANGELO, TX – Deputy Constable Mark Whitaker announced on Friday, August 9, that he will be running for the position of Constable of Precinct Three. The current Constable for Precinct Three, James E. Smith, is said to not be running for another term.

In an interview with KLST News during his announcement, Whitaker said “In January of 2016 I was hired on as a Deputy Constable with Constable James Smith and he has graciously taught me this job and how to do it and how to be a Constable and how to work with the citizens to provide for them in an effective manner. He’s taught me a lot and I’m very grateful that he hired me and I’m ready to pass that on to the citizens and do a good job for them.”

Whitaker was joined by his family and a crowd of roughly 20 people as he made his announcement. When he was finished speaking with local media, those gathered applauded. He brings decades of law enforcement experience to his run for Constable, including work with sheriffs departments and private security.

Precinct Three of Tom Green County encompasses the Northwestern quadrant of the county. The Tom Green County Constables investigate public nuisance complaints under direction of a constable that is appointed annually as administrator over the public nuisance program. They also collect process for service from individuals and cases filed outside of Tom Green County.

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According to the Tom Green County website, “Tom Green County has 4 constables and one deputy constable. Each constable is elected in the precinct in which they serve. Constables are constitutionally authorized peace officers. Constables have the same arrest powers and duties as municipal police officers and sheriffs and have the added responsibility of executing civil process for the courts. Constables and their deputies have all the responsibility of any peace officer in the state. They may write citations, make arrests, conduct investigations, and file criminal charges. The mission of the Tom Green County Constable offices is to serve as judicial officers for our courts. Our responsibilities include executing warrants and serving process that are directed to the constable including eviction actions and seizing property. A constable executes any civil or criminal process throughout the county including citation, notice, warrant, subpoena or writ. Tom Green County constables serve the Justice of the Peace in their precinct, the County Court, the two County Courts at Law, and the four District Courts in Tom Green County. Constables also serve process directed to their precinct from other courts in Texas as well as those from out of state.”

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