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Scrappy Momma halts tote bag and craft work to help amid Corona outbreak

SAN ANGELO, TX – Rhonda Varney, owner of The Scrappy Momma, has launched an effort to help protect the San Angelo community by making needed face masks during the coronavirus outbreak. The masks are not only nice to look at, they’re also washable.

“These are all washable and they are actually made with a filter insert,” said Varney. “So you don’t have to have the surgical mask underneath it even though it is, also option.”

As with many small businesses, this was a big change for the tote bag and craft maker. “I actually wound up shutting down The Scrappy Momma strictly to focus on the mask,” explained Varney. “Everybody’s been very supportive of it and everything. I started making the masks when I saw the need, from our local hospitals. I have a friend from high school that’s a nurse that Shannon and she actually reached out to me for a mask for her entire floor. Since then I’ve provided two other floors, as well as the operating room at Shannon and Western Veterinary Medicine.

These masks are also available to the general public, free of charge. Beyond the community, this fight has a personal element for Varney. “I suffer from asthma and because this is a respiratory illness this is something that I have to be extremely conscientious about,” Varney continued. “I also have a mother who’s been through chemotherapy and radiation so she has a lowered immune system. My dad has had open heart surgery. Plus I’m a mom. So, I was always worried about my family members getting it and protecting them and then I knew that I had the ability and the supplies to help the community. It was the right thing to do.”

While there is no charge for the masks, donations are accepted. You can reach out via phone at: (325) 227-9447 or email and social media. For more Corona outbreak coverage, click here.

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