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With Texas planning to reopen all retail stores on Friday, Eggmeyer's General Store is currently planning on new rules

SAN ANGELO, TX – Before the COVID-19 pandemic, curbside pickups used to be a popular perk at local stores in the Concho Valley and nationwide. Today, it’s a public necessity.

“Well, naturally the sales have been extremely low compared to normal,” Eggmeyer’s General Store manager Tammy Shoults said. “We’ve been operating curbside and really pushing curbside and kind of trying to be people’s personal shoppers. If they call we’ll either take pictures of everything that they may be interested in.”

Other than curbside pickups, Eggmeyer’s general store communicates with their customers online.

“We’ve also been trying to push our social media, Instagram and Facebook quite a bit and just trying to answer any calls or anything they may want from seeing those items.” Said Tammy Shoults.

Even though general sales have been a challenge, pushing curbside pickups has been beneficial to the Concho Valley this past month.

“It was the Chamber of Commerce and Shops Across Texas or something,” Shoults said. “They’ve been pushing the different businesses that are open and willing to do curbside and meet people’s needs that way. So once they did that I noticed an improvement in sales…still slow but much better.”

With Texas planning to reopen all retail stores this Friday, Eggmeyer’s General Store is preparing for new rules.

“That’s something we’ve been talking about recently especially with Governor Abbott saying businesses can be open and trying to figure out how we’re going to make that work,” Shoults said. “As far as the number of customers that we’ll allow in and the hours of operation goes, that’s all in the works of being discussed at the moment.”

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