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The museum plans to reopen on June 12th

SAN ANGELO, TX – With more museums reopening across Texas, many are still waiting for that green light. The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts is heading that direction.

“A lot of interesting things are happening,” San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts director Howard Taylor said. “First of all, it’s really hard for a museum to close because we’re about real things and people want to see them. We had to close like everyone else and we’re opening a little slower, but only because we had to deinstall the exhibit we had.”

Although the start of summer shows typically attract a crowd of two thousand, Taylor says they’re looking forward to this year’s opening.

“We’re going to open it in June now and the target date that we have is Friday, June the 12th,” Taylor said. “Then we will have to regulate how many people come in at one time and we’ll follow all the rules. It’s logical and we need to be aware of people’s health.”

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum has been focused on online programming.

“We’ve always known we’ve had a tremendously talented staff and team here,” Taylor said. “But, having to shut down like this you would not believe the programming that they produced online. We’ve actually gotten inquiries from all over America about the programming we’re doing and some people have wanted a copy or even borrow it directly.”

With regulations easing up, challenges are still up the road ahead.

“I think without a doubt that probably for some time, there’ll be a lot more at home stuff and that’s a really big challenge for families,” Taylor said. “How do you gauge your kids without going crazy day after day? That’s going to be something that we’re going to play a significant role in.”

For more information, visit http://samfa.org/

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