Local McDonald’s restaurant assists Concho Valley Regional Food Bank in donations

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Food donations will continue tomorrow morning at nine

SAN ANGELO, Texas — A local McDonald’s franchise completed their first day of food donations at the Concho Valley Regional Food Bank. Franchise owner Eric Wilson is confident of where this is heading.

“McDonald’s is donating $250,000 worth of food to the local community with the help from the Concho Valley Regional Food Bank,” Wilson said. “And we’re so excited to give back to the community as well as to our employees. I mean it’s a great thing to give back to the community, we really appreciate the stuff the community gives to us, therefore we need to give back to them as well.”

With over 200,000 meals donated, thousands of residents will benefit.

“We just want to say thank you to the community,” Wilson said. “The good things that we do in the community already — the free meals that were given out to the first responders as well as to kids for breakfast — this is just one more thing we can do for the community and we really, really appreciate the opportunity.”

Another key benefit is that the employees involved will continue to remain employed.

“One of the good things about giving out food to the Concho Valley Regional Food Bank is my employees helping out,” Wilson said. “This keeps them employed which is something that we’ve really looked at. We have been very, very excited as we’ve kept all of our employees on staff. We’ve not let anybody go.”

These donations will also provide more resources to the agencies of the Concho Valley Regional Food Bank.

“Man, this collaboration is just spectacular,” Concho Valley Regional Food Bank executive director Lee Pipkin said. “It gives us a variety of products that we’re able to offer to our agencies and then the agency has anpther option to offer to their clients. So these are products we don’t normally see — like shredded cheese — it is wonderful.”

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