Local gyms reopen and prepare for new guidelines

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Gyms will continue to follow guidelines from the CDC and Governor Greg Abbott

SAN ANGELO, TX – Many gyms around the state of Texas have reopened this week. Some gyms in San Angelo including the community health club are still waiting for the thumbs up.

“We’re opening Tuesday May 26th, that’s 6am which is an hour later than our normal times,” Community Health Club operations manager Laura Moore said. “We have a few restrictions in place just based on state mandates. We’re going to ask people to sign a new waiver when they get here and you’ll have to answer a few questions in terms of have you traveled? Are you feeling okay? Things like that.”

Moore says following safety guidelines will be their main focus immediately after they open doors.

“We’re recommending that people wear gloves and masks like the state is recommending, but we’re not going to absolutely require it, we’re going to leave that up to our members,” Moore said. “You will see our staff wearing gloves, however, and we are going to be cleaning and disinfecting way more than we’ve ever done before so we want everyone to feel safe.”

Meanwhile at The Bar Athletic Club, the gym officially reopened this week with positive feedback.

“We got to reopen this Monday on the 18th and it was awesome, we really needed it,” The Bar Athletic Club owner Tommy Janusz said. “We had a lot of support from our members during the shutdown, so we were very lucky.”

Janusz says their plans moving forward should be no issue with the gym capacity measures in place.

“We have a 25 percent attendance rate that we have to follow,” Janusz said. “It really doesn’t impact us so much because we’re a small local business. We’re not Gold’s Gym or Tru Fit or something. So we already have a small community in here and it doesn’t really impact us that much.”

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