Local church hosting annual food drives with a few challenges

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The church will continue hosting food drives all summer

SAN ANGELO, TX – Since 2008, the Freedom Fellowship Church has been hosting food drives on a weekly basis. The church remains optimistic although this year has been more challenging.

“It evolved over the years into a full blown ministry where people come to our building,” Freedom Fellowship Church senior pastor Harold Watkins said. “They register, they get prayer, we help them find jobs and we help them get so many other things besides food. Food is the last thing we actually give them.”

Over the years, the church expanded their quality of helping others to fulfill those in need.

“We don’t just get them a pre-packaged box and say, ‘hope you like these things.’ They get to go through like a grocery store,” Watkins said. “They get the things that they need and we think that’s the kind that gives them a more feeling of worth than just saying, ‘here’s your box of food.’”

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the church made adjustments which included hosting a drive-thru. Watkins says it benefited them.

“We do it every Friday from 1:30 to six,” Watkins said. “The first Friday we had 180 cars come through the line. They were backed up all the way to Chadbourne and out to Oak Street. 180 cars came through and received a box of food, so that was the change.”

Moving forward, Watkins says he has big plans ahead while the state continues to ease restrictions.

“We’ve been doing haircuts, but we had to stop doing that,” Watkins said. “We want to get back to doing ministry because that’s really our heart. It’s not just to give them some food, but hey what’s going on in your life? How can we help you? How can we pray for you? And that just touches a lot of people. It really gives them a lot of hope and encouragement.”

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