Local barbershops adjust to new criteria after reopening

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Hours have been limited for both barbershops until further instruction

SAN ANGELO, TX – Since last Friday, some barbershops in the Concho Valley have reopened under some restrictions. The vintage barbershop is slowly adjusting to their new reality.

“We went from doing so many haircuts to going down to six haircuts a day,” The Vintage Barbershop owner Teresa Gonzales said. “So it has been a little difficult for our customers because they’re so used to us getting them in a timely fashion whereas we can’t do that anymore.”

Although these adjustments can be challenging, workers will eventually get accustomed to the new criteria.

“This week is kinda trial and error with trying to see what we can and cannot do,” Gonzales said. “This includes our hours of operation, how many customers we can do a day, trying to be more efficient and making sure that everybody is sanitized.” 

Meanwhile at Fresh Cuts Barbershop located in Sunset Mall, business has received positive feedback.

“It’s been a blessing man,” Fresh Cuts Barbershop owner Carl Haynes said. “I mean we’ve been out for over a month and some of the barbers were doing different things such as delivering and just a really big vacation. So it was a blessing to have us come back and all our customers supporting us like this.”

Fresh Cuts will continue to practice safety measures as business continues to increase.

“Just going by the guidelines of whatever the governor says,” Haynes said. “He says wear face masks, we wear face masks. We’re already a barbershop so we’re pretty sanitary already, but just taking extra precautions to slow the spread of COVID.”

Fresh Cuts will accept walk-ins, but appointments will be the main focus.

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