Lake View Bible Church fundraises for evangelistic outings

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Auto Paradise Car Wash helps a local church fundraise to further their mission

SAN ANGELO, Texas – During the month of July, Lake View Bible Church’s car wash fundraiser has been going strong, they’ve already raised $4,000 dollars – a couple of days away from its end.

The church on Grape Creek Rd. has joined one of the many other organizations that Auto Paradise Car Wash helps with their fundraising car wash option. For one month, every two dollars from each car wash goes to the organizations.

This is Lake View Bible Church’s second year partnering with the car wash company and their purpose is to be able to afford to pay for the entire congregation to go out and evangelize together.

During the summer, instead of their typical Wednesday services, they opt to go outside their four walls for bowling, fishing, movie days and outreaches – all paid for by the church. They don’t want families to worry about finances and/or miss out.

“You’re not the church until you’re out there doing what Jesus would do. You can sit in here all day long and you’re not going to get it. You go out there and be who is He is and be the hands and feet, help people. My personal opinion is that I’m not feeding people, I’m teaching people how to have fun, I’m teaching people how to live life, I’m teaching people how to feed themselves,”  expressed Dr. Richard “R.A.” Evans, who is the Senior Pastor at Lake View Bible Church.

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