How to apply for a passport

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Breaking down the steps to take to apply for the key to see the world

SAN ANGELO, Texas – According to the U.S. Department of State, only 42% of Americans are currently holding a valid passport. For those of you who want to plan a vacation but don’t have a passport, the process is not as complicated as it seems.

In San Angelo, there are three locations you can start the application process, which are the two Post Offices and the Passport Office at Angelo State University (2419 W Avenue N). Getting you passport requires 5 steps:

First, applicants must fill out a D-S 11 form, either by paper or online. Second, is showing proof of citizenship, either by an original birth certificate or a naturalization certificate. Third, is showing a government issued photo ID, most people use their driver’s license but a military ID is also accepted. Fourth, is taking your passport photo or bringing one. Fifth, is payment, only checks and money orders are accepted.

The cost of a passport for an adult (considered 16 years and older) is $110 dollars and $80 dollars for a minor. The application fee at Angelo State University is $35 dollars. The average processing time to receive a passport is six to eight weeks.

“Some people think that your passport is only for travel. However, you should also think about it for other things. As a citizen of the United States, it’s your right to have a passport. That is our legal document to travel outside of the U.S. So, having that in your possession opens up your world,” explained Meghan Pace, who is the Director of International Studies at Angelo State University.

Another option applicants have is a passport card, which can be used for domestic travel or entering Mexico, Canada and parts of the Caribbean through border-crossings and sea-ports. The passport card for an adult costs $30 dollars and for a minor, the cost is $15 dollars.

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