History through food at the Fort McKavett State Historic Site

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SAN ANGELO, Texas – A historic cooking demonstration was held at the Fort McKavett State Historic Site today.

Company cooks were represented for soldiers that would have been stationed there in the early 1850’s.

Meals such as meat and beans, rice, sweet potatoes, and many other dishes were served.

Fort McKavett Site Educator and Curator Kevin Malcom acted as the cook for Company H of the United States Infantry, which he said would have been the founding unit that established this post in 1852.

He explained why food is a great tool to use when trying to teach people about history.

“Everybody eats, everybody gets together at the kitchen table, and I really like to discuss history from the food level because that’s something we all understand and I think it’s what draws people in; it’s really easy to get people interested in history when you’re feeding them,” Malcom said.

A cooking demonstration program is held every January.

The site also has monthly programs that vary from historic trades, to Victorian Christmas fairs, and reenactments.

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