Following COVID-19 safety guidelines from the UIL is a top priority for the 2020 high school football season

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The players and coaching staff will practice social distancing and wear masks at all times when traveling

SAN ANGELO, TX – The 2020-2021 school year officially started for the San Angelo Independent School District earlier this week. The beginning of a new school year also brings football season back to life. The UIL gave all 4A schools and below the green light to start on time while 5A and 6A schools will start next month. Lake View High School head coach Hector Guevara is doing what he can to keep his players safe in the Texas heat.

“As far as the heat, we’ve been going in the mornings these past two seasons so that’s kind of been helpful,” Coach Guevara said. “We hydrate the kids as much as possible and we give breaks in between drills and stuff like that.”

As far as COVID-19 safety protocols, coach Guevara is making sure his players are constantly following health guidelines issued from the UIL and the C.D.C. Some procedures players follow such as using hand gel in between breaks during practice and wearing masks with their helmets off is a top priority. So far the players are paying attention to every detail.

“We’re doing our best by following S.A.I.S.D guidelines and UIL guidelines,” Guevara said. “We have gel where we disinfect everything out there after we use it as far as sleds and footballs everyday.”

Coach Guevara says every locker room will be thoroughly sanitized while they travel to away games. The coaching staff and players will practice social distancing and wear masks inside the bus as well. This process will be repeated all season long.

“I’m sure things will change since it’s a fluid situation,” Guevara said. “In the meantime we’ll remain updated with everything they send us and we’ll continue what we’re asked to do. We’ll just keep an eye out if there’s any other changes as we go.”

Teams will take care of each other throughout the season in order to slow the spread of the virus.

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