Feeding your dog table scraps can put their health at risk

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SAN ANGELO, Texas — Many do it. They toss their pets dinner scraps under the table when they’re begging for a bite of food. Experts say be careful, as doing this can put your pet’s long-term health at risk.

This is not only because some foods are highly toxic and can cause harm to pets, but also because what may seem like a small bite to adult humans, when talking about animals, can be a huge amount of their daily caloric intake.

“A lot of times it’s going to be leftovers, so if you had meat it’s going ot be the fatty meat or the meat with the bone left in it, or it’s going to be something that is highly seasoned. There are some things that are just definite ‘no-no’s’ for dogs,” said Dr. Gary Hodges, Veterinarian and Owner of Western Veterinary Hospital in San Angelo.

Dr. Hodges said to try and stick to just pet foods, as these are balanced to fit their dietary needs, and if you do give your pet any human food do your research to make sure it won’t harm them.

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