Family celebrates official ‘Adoption Day’ after 622 days

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SAN ANGELO, Texas – A family celebrated their official “Adoption Day” on August 31, 2020. KSAN and KLST Photojournalist Shelbie Hunt captured a portion of their celebration and drive-thru parade.

“We had our final adoption after 622 days and this is Jasmine, Jacee, and baby Kade. We finalized the adoption after them being in foster care so now we’re a family of four,” Kimberly Henry said.

Kimberly Henry moved to San Angelo after being stationed at Goodfellow Air Force Base as a Navy Intel Instructor.

“They’re actually my maternal nieces, so they’re already family, and about two years ago they moved here to Texas and needed somewhere awesome to stay and of course I took them so we’ve been a family ever since,” Henry said.

Originally from Kansas, Henry says they do get to go visit their family from time to time but do not have any family in San Angelo.

“It’s been a long road. I know sometimes people have the idea that ‘oh, if you take in a family member, placement then it’s a lot easier.’ There’s a whole different array of things that happen when it’s a family member that you are taking in. A lot of different dynamics. You have a lot of battles, you have a lot of triumphs but today it just feels like…we can breathe,” Henry said.

Henry, a single parent, says she’s been overwhelmed by the support she’s received from the foster care and adoption community.

“If you’ve ever considered fostering, even if it’s just crossed your mind, my message would be that it’s possible. I’ve had more support as a foster parent than I would have ever imagined. Yes, it takes a village but we’ve built a community here in San Angelo without even having other family here. And it’s more than just the cute things you see on Facebook and the pictures at the end there’s some struggles in there but its 100 percent worth it,” Henry said.

As for the newly official family of four, they are all looking forward to a stable and happy future.

Of her 6 and 10 year old nieces, Henry says, “If you do the math that’s maybe 2,000 days that they’ve been around so for the rest of their days I want to give them the best life possible. You can do that as a foster parent. They just want somewhere awesome to stay and be loved and supported so you can do that!”

The family is planning a trip to celebrate. If you would like to donate, you can do so on the official Adopt Together website.

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