Families are spending more on school supplies than ever before

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The cost of basic supplies has increased over the years

According to the National Retail Federation, families plan to spend more per household this year on school supplies than ever before.

“They’re more expensive than what they were. For $50 I could buy for two kids before. Now that’s just for one. Before, the name brand was the best. Now it’s all about the same,” said Gina Thorp, parent of an incoming 6th grader, when asked about the rise of cost in school supplies over the years.

We went to the HEB located at 5502 Sherwood Way in San Angelo and collected prices for items on the San Angelo ISD elementary and middle school supply lists. Here’s what we found:

Costs for items on SAISD elementary and middle school supply lists

  • Pre-Kindergarten: $18.93
  • Kindergarten: $25.35
  • 1st Grade: $27.69
  • 2nd Grade: $23.58
  • 3rd Grade: $34.38
  • 4th Grade: $36.48
  • 5th Grade: $34.36
  • 6th Grade: $53.61
  • 7th Grade: $56.54
  • 8th Grade: $53.30
    • The 8th grade supply list includes a TI 84 calculator as an optional item. While HEB didn’t carry it, the calculator can cost up to $100.

The prices above don’t include OPTIONAL SUPPLIES that the district added to the lists. The middle school supply lists do say at the bottom that elective classes will require additional materials. Lists for those will be distributed during the 1st week of class.

It’s important to note that these prices were gathered by using the lowest-priced items found at the store. The only name-brand items the lists asked for specifically were Elmer’s Glue Sticks. These cost 50 cents more than the generic brand.

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