Dos and Don’ts with dogs on Thanksgiving

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Dogs are part of the family but they can’t eat like humans.

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs can eat apples, sweet potatoes, some veggies, and maybe a little bit of turkey but there can’t be any bones, fat, or skin on the meat.

They say to make sure whatever treat you do decide to give your dogs is as plain as possible. No spices, gravy, or any of those extra toppings that we humans tend to eat.

Now a list of foods that can harm your dogs. That list includes bones, stuffing, casseroles, alcohol and many desserts.

Other suggestions include making sure you and your furry friend get some exercise in. Even if it’s just a walk around the neighborhood.

Also make sure to take the trash out quickly so that your pet doesn’t get the urge to dig through it.

Of course if your dog does eat something they shouldn’t you can call your vet or the poison hotline.

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