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SAN ANGELO, Texas – People who are doing door-to-door sales work must have a license from the City of San Angelo, specifically from the San Angelo Police Department. This permit must be visible on their person. If you do not see the permit, then ask for it and request that you see it. Do not simply take their word that they have one. They cannot go door-to-door if they do not have a permit from the San Angelo Police Department.

Visit the SAPD website at the link below. A photo example of the permit is available at so that citizens know what to look for.

During the temporary COVID-19 hours, merchants can request a sales permit by appointment only until further notice. Please call the SAPD Records Department at 325-657-4250.

Due to the recent storms, citizens may be seeing an influx of people going door-to-door for home repair businesses. These types of businesses MUST have a permit from the police department and MUST register and have a permit from our Building Permits & Inspections office.

For more information please contact our Permit office at 325-657-4210 (option 1) or at

There are no health restrictions in place requiring door-to-door salespeople to wear masks or gloves.

Lastly, citizens are not required to open their doors. If you aren’t comfortable answering the door, then please don’t open the door.

Courtesy: City of San Angelo, Public Information Division

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