Congressman Mike Conaway weighs in on National Security issues at West Texas Moving Forward Conference

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SAN ANGELO, Texas – The West Texas Moving Forward Conference was held in place of the 2020 West Texas Legislative Summit on August 11. The conference was held in a hybrid format of both online and in person speakers and participants.

Congressman for District 11 Mike Conaway was a featured speaker and spoke on the topic of National Security.

He covered a variety of issues including threats to the United States, the use of social media and the ban on apps like TikTok, and gave some solutions for the future.

He says two of the biggest threats to the United States are the countries of China and Russia.

He stated that overall, China is focused on long-term goals and tasks and has had a 100-year-plan that began in 1949 and continues through the year 2049.

“Because they have a controlled society lead by one guy (Xi Jinping) and the Communist Party, they’re not worried as much on ‘what’s happening next week?’ as much as ‘what’s happening next year and the year after that?'” Conaway said.

He also said that China’s economy and military will soon mirror the United States but, “We don’t have to be enemies with them but we can certainly be competitors.”

One of the issues Conaway brought up was the theft of intellectual property and mining data from apps like TikTok, which is currently owned by China.

Members of the military have not been allowed to use TikTok since the end of 2019. Recently, President Donald J. Trump has banned businesses from partnering with TikTok.

When it comes to social media, Conaway says “it’s not going away,” but advises people to be careful what they share and that it seems to have pitted people against one another even more in recent times.

While Conaway did highlight many ongoing issues, he offered a solution to conference attendees stating emotionally that, ““We are being more tied to being a Republican, being a Democrat, being a liberal, being a conservative…than we are being Americans and to me that’s bigger than any threat we face.” 

After his time at the podium, he reiterated his message in part of an interview that can be viewed in the video below.

Congressman Mike Conaway, now finishing his term as Congressman for District 11, has served in the political realm for 16 years and has represented District 11 for 11 years.

He shared his plans on what’s next for his career saying that he intends to keep being involved in policy in some fashion.

For more on Congressman Conaway, visit his website.

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