Community gives to area nonprofits during 6th annual ‘San Angelo Gives’

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190 area nonprofits are participating in this year's 'San Angelo Gives' fundraiser

SAN ANGELO, Texas — With 6 more hours to go, the 6th annual ‘San Angelo Gives’ is moving closer to this year’s goal.

“Things are looking great. Every year we keep wondering how we’re going to do better than last year and this year is no different,” said Matt Lewis, President/CEO of the San Angelo Area Foundation.

190 area nonprofits are participating in this year’s ‘San Angelo Gives‘ fundraiser. The 24-hour online event makes it easy for community members to donate to their favorite causes.

“When San Angelo Gives was created 6 years ago, it was a great tool to give online virtually,” added Lewis.

“It’s a lot of fun. It’s easy, it’s seamless. You can give to more than one organization in the same transaction. This is a defining moment of solidarity for our community. What better way to show our strength and how strong San Angelo really is than by supporting the causes we’re most passionate about,” said Janet Karcher, VP of Development & Marketing for the San Angelo Area Foundation.

According to Lewis and Karcher, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, now more than ever organizations need the community’s support.

Rust Street Ministries is a non-profit that gives food, clothing and household goods free to those in need. According to the organization’s director, David Ingram, donations from the community will be needed greatly within the coming weeks.

“We’ve seen days with a lot more new people that have never been here. If agriculture and oil keep as they are, those needs are going to skyrocket we’re pretty sure,” said Ingram.

The Rainbow Room is another non-profit that relies on community donations. They provide clothing and other necessary items for abused and neglected children. Last year, the community’s donations helped clothe 786 children. This year, they are looking at helping even more.

“We do foresee a level of need rising for the children within the next few weeks. We like to think, especially with child abuse, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ but that’s not the reality for some children. For some children it means they are going to be at home longer with their abusers,” said Liliana Mata, Community Partners Coordinator for the Rainbow Room.

The Rainbow Room participated in ‘San Angelo Gives’ for the first time last year. According to Mata, they received an overwhelming amount of support.

“The Rainbow Room saw so many positive changes after ‘San Angelo Gives.’ It was our first year and we were hoping to get $1,000. We ended up getting a little over $7,000. We took off from there. We made a big shopping trip for all the summer clothes, which we hadn’t been able to do. It was so exciting. It made a very big difference for the children’s needs to be met,” explained Mata.

The minimum donation for an area nonprofit is $10 and there is no maximum. Pro-rated matching funds and prize money will be made available to amplify charitable donations (amplification up to the first $25,000 per donor). This year, the San Angelo Area Foundation hopes to raise $2.25M for area nonprofits, with a stretch goal of $2.5M. If the stretch goal is met, the foundation will gift $20,000 to the 20 organizations that helped reach that goal.

“We need the community to help us help our neighbors that are in need,” added Ingram.

The 6th annual ‘San Angelo Gives’ fundraiser will conclude at 11:59pm.

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