Bringing cursive back to Texas elementary schools

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San Angelo Independent School District has taken measures to add cursive back to their curriculum

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Schools across the state of Texas are bringing back cursive into the classroom, after the State Board of Education changed some requirements in 2017. San Angelo Independent School District (SAISD) says they’re well-prepared.

At SAISD, elementary teachers took three webinar courses and from second grade through fifth grade, cursive is being added back to the curriculum. It starts in mid-year for second graders and students will be taking 10-minute lessons, each day with practice time afterwards. Studies suggest that learning cursive can be very beneficial to the brain.

“When you’re first learning how to write in cursive, you have to think about the task of writing. As you get more fluent at it, you don’t have to think about it anymore. It frees your brain to think about higher level activities and creativity in your writing,” said Cheri Braden, who is the Director of Elementary Curriculum and Instruction at San Angelo ISD.

Braden added that our future generation will benefit from not losing the ability read old historical documents.

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