Bank of America to close main locations, and drive-up facility by Dec. 3rd

Local News

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Bank of America customers in San Angelo and throughout the Concho Valley received an email from Bank of America, informing them that both of the San Angelo locations and the drive-up facility will be closing permanently on Dec. 3rd.

The email states “We’re closing the financial centers [Sherwood and Twohig locations] and drive-up facility [S. A & M location] in San Angelo, Texas. While your account will stay the same, we’re sorry for the inconvenience this closing causes. To minimize the inconvenience, we have many other ways you can continue to bank with us.”

“If you have a safe deposit box at either location, you’ll need to close it, even if it’s empty. You’ll receive a separate notice about what to do — if you don’t receive it within two weeks of this email, please call or schedule an appointment with us.” the email adds.

Customers may continue to use San Angelo Bank of America locations until Dec. 3rd.

The next closest Bank of America location customers throughout the Concho Valley may use is 2200 South 27th Street, Abilene, TX 79605.

Source: Bank of America

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