Back-to-school road safety

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The Department of Public Safety reminds drivers of the road rules in school zones and during bus stops

SAN ANGELO, Texas – School is back in session and the safety of children is a priority, in and outside of school.

When you see the flashing sign at a school zone, you might remember to slow down. However, the Department of Public Safety wants to remind drivers to slow down and pay attention, at all times.

Drivers may not realize that even if school is out, there is always a risk of kids running around school zones due to after-school programs or extracurricular activities.

Also, there have been reports of drivers passing school buses, when their “STOP” sign is flashing. Even if there are four lanes on that side of the road, passing a school bus signaling a stop sign is against the law and it could cost you over $1200 dollars.

“We need to give ourselves enough time to get where we are going, so that we’re always doing it in the safest way possible. Not accelerating past the posted speed limit, or violating traffic laws. Especially when it comes to stop signs, yield signs or school bus signs. We need to make sure we are always abiding by the laws and regulations posted,” elaborated Sgt. Justin Baker, who is the Media Communications Sergeant at the Department of Public Safety.

Sgt. Baker went on to saying that some drivers become complacent after the back-to-school season and forget practicing safety on the road in school zones and when buses are letting students in and out.

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