Angelo State University, Goodfellow Air Force Base make history with the signing of two agreements

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SAN ANGELO, Texas – On August 21, 2020, two Intergovernmental Support Agreements (IGSA) were signed at Angelo State University making history not only for ASU, but the Texas Tech University System and the Department of Defense.

“It is the first time in DOD that we get the opportunity to sign an IGSA to accommodate students in a dormitory at a local University,” Col. Andres Nazario, Commander of the 17th Training Wing said.

“Due to COVID we have a number of dorms that won’t be used this year because a lot of our international students weren’t able to come back and so we’ve been able to provide an entire building for Goodfellow Air Force Bases’ students to live in,” Angie Wright, Vice President of Finance and Administration for Angelo State University said.

The housing agreement comes after many years of a housing shortage on the base. Colonel Andres Nazario said the idea of utilizing Angelo State had been tossed around for a while and credits the hard work of his predecessors along with the past president of ASU and other city leaders for making it all come together.

Elaborating on the agreement, Angelo State released a statement saying: “One IGSA finalizes an agreement for ASU to lease 55 rooms in its Plaza Verde residence hall to GAFB to house up to 110 military students. GAFB is currently experiencing a drastic shortage of student housing, as well as a delay in the construction of a new 400-bed residence hall. This agreement will help alleviate the housing shortage until construction of the new hall on base is completed in 2026. It is also a landmark IGSA between the military and a public university.”

“From day one, we didn’t focus on the fact of how difficult it was going to be, we focused on the fact that we did have the potential solution,” Col. Nazario said.

Officials say there are many benefits to integrating the two institutions.

“An additional diverse atmosphere on our campus, because the students who will be living here that would typically be living at Goodfellow AFB they’re going to bring in a whole different perspective and background than our traditional students have on our campus,” Wright said.

The other agreement signed was all about instructors helping instructors.

Angelo State University again elaborated on this agreement in a statement: “The second IGSA formalizes the Doolittle Scholars Faculty Development Program. Currently, GAFB sends a select number of instructors to ASU each semester to take classes, experience faculty development and earn 12-15 credit hours. The initiative is paid for using Air Force training funds, but is subject to cancellation in the event of budget shortfalls.”

“For the Doolittle agreement, we are actually engaging our instructors to help the instructors at Goodfellow AFB since that what ours are here for, so we’re teaching them how to teach adult learners,” Wright said.

“I like to say that sometimes smaller is more powerful because you have no choice but to work with each other. IN the military we talk about economy of force. That means you don’t have enough resources to do the mission on your own, so you become more dependent on the partners around you. That’s the kind of relationship we have with the city of San Anglo that’s the kind of relationship we have with Angelo State University,” Col. Nazario said.

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